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This invitation is primarily aimed at those of you who are contractors selected by JO

Sport / Rossignol Racing in Sweden. Subject to availability, the camp is also open to other skiers!

In collaboration with Sollentuna SLK and UHSK UmeМå SK, we invite you to a ski test and

training camp in Juvass, Norway. Three nice and useful days together at Galdhöpiggen

which lays the foundation for your continued development in the coming season.

Responsible coaches are Rune Säfvenberg, Fredrik KarlssonMattias Aronsson  and Niklas Henning  will focus on  GS and SL in the form of controlled free riding

but also track skiing. This year we will have the privilege of having it with us

Emelie Henning  from the national team  as an inspirer.

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