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Dating back to the 17th century, knives made in Mora have ended up in the hands of people all over the world. The knife from Mora has become one of our most famous Swedish symbols and over the years it has developed from an accepted concept to an established brand. A Mora knife is always made in Mora, which gives us full control over the manufacturing process. 

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The trangia kitchen is used today by outdoor people all over the world. For half a century, the Trangia kitchen has been a natural choice of storm kitchen. The production is characterized by quality thinking throughout the process. Here is 82 years of experience and competence. The proximity to the mountain world with practical tests, combined with modern technology and design as well as constant development, means that we can offer a complete, reliable quality kitchen


PRIMUS® - More than 125 years of innovation

At Primus, we have the ambition to provide outdoor enthusiasts, like ourselves, with the freedom to explore. It is an ambition that gives us a very simple view of life - that every day is a potential adventure. Just the thought of adventure can enliven a boring day so that it instead becomes a wonderful day.


Adventure Foods is a quality series of freeze-dried food for you who place high demands on both nutritional content and good taste. Developed by professional alpinists and used during expeditions to both K2 and Mount Everest. Prioritizes high nutritional value with good taste. Therefore, only raw materials of the highest quality are used.

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Aloksak keeps your smartphone or other electronic equipment dry and prevents dust and dirt from finding their way into the nooks and crannies. The bags are made of BPA-free recycled plastic and of course you can use them again and again. Lightweight, flexible and durable.


Cafflano is for you who want good, freshly ground coffee wherever you are. In a single unit you have a hand mill, brewer, filter and thermos mug. It is easy to clean and is small and compact and easily fits in your bag. Cafflano has created a series of products that have been awarded prizes from the most reputable coffee houses and at trade fairs around the world.


FixnZip® is not a zipper repair kit. It is a replacement for your broken zipper that you can install without tools or sewing. Works on nylon coils as well as plastic and metal teeth. Something you should always have in your pocket when you are in nature.


Wildo är ett Svenskt företag som specialiserat sig på att ta fram produkter för människan som rör sig i naturen. Höga berg, djupa dalar, havet eller utflykten, produkter för uteliv helt enkelt. Alla material är noga utvalda. 


Four Seasons manufactures stylish and functional accessories for the active outdoor person. Everything from elegant copper kettles for coffee to waffle irons, toaster stars and barbecue sticks in a telescopic model.

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Gorilla is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been selling its glue for over a decade. The glue was first discovered when it was used in Indonesia on teak furniture, but soon consumers discovered that it was incredibly versatile and demand skyrocketed. With the goal of making products that give an impressive result, the company has expanded since its range came to include Gorilla Tape, Gorilla superglue and Gorilla wood glue.


Growers cup is best described as a portion express brewer with a fantastic, Brazilian coffee that is a little more roasted than usual to bring out the rich taste of nuts and dark chocolate.

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Jungle oil is the classic that has effectively protected Swedes from mosquitoes, gnats and other stinging insects for decades. Also reduces the risk of tick bites. Jungle oil is widely used by all branches of the Armed Forces and in the mosquito-proof Norrland it is more or less necessary to survive.


Helko Werk started its ax production in 1844 by the Helsper family in Cronenbergi Germany. They quickly became known for their craftsmanship and high quality that still stands today.


Hiker for big and small adventures. A basic range with bestsellers such as silk sheets and seat pads, but also really affordable and nice backpacks for great nature experiences as well as for the small or big trip. 


With a sports crunch in your backpack, you have the nutrition you need for outdoor activities of all kinds. Best of all is the taste experience that is so well deserved after a trip in the mountains or a workout at the gym. 


Imprenex® -  Protects and cares for your equipment in all weathers Imprenex protects, cares for and preserves the water-repellent effect on your clothes & shoes or textile equipment so that you are prepared for all wet weather.


The simple tick remover that you can easily take with you everywhere.


Mosquitoes and ticks can cause discomfort when you are out in nature. Do not let venomous mosquitoes and other stinging, biting and blood-sucking insects ruin for you!  Mosquito  effectively protects against mosquitoes both in Sweden and in more exotic places around the world. With  Tick  you get protection against unpleasant and contagious ticks because Ticks significantly reduce the risk of being bitten.


Latschenkiefer® best known in Sweden as "black in a quarter". The famous face cream from St. Anton am Arlberg is intended for use against cold and windswept skin but has become best known for its property of giving a strong leather-like tan.!


Bushman mosquito repellent was developed in the 1980s by Tom Bethurem, an Australian chemist living in Australia's northern swamps, notorious for extremely severe mosquito and insect conditions. Bushman was tested and improved for many years in these extremely difficult conditions, to ensure maximum protection and the best effect in the most difficult environments.

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N • rit manufactures smart and high-quality towels that are super-absorbent. Smart for both the camper, the adventurer and everyday.


Ormsalva offers Sweden's most complete range of liniments for all types of needs. Since 1979, we have been at the forefront of research in massage and muscle care.


Rubytec is the brand with smart solutions for outdoor life, camping, sports or travel. Rubytec started in 1995 by manufacturing quality accessories to make life easier for the active person. Rubytec makes your experiences comfortable on both small and large adventures.


Founded in 1904. Thermos LLC is the world's leading manufacturer of insulated food and beverage packaging, children's lunch boxes and other innovative consumer products. At Thermos, we carefully select the best available materials, and we produce our products with consistent quality and reliable performance.

From 1/3 we take over the distribution role for Tecnica and Blizzard. For the time being, we refer all questions and matters concerning them to Scantrade.


JR Gear equips active leisure people, campers with high demands on function and quality. Here you will find the feeling of outdoor equipment you will still benefit from in everyday life such as the trip or on top of a mountain.


US622 Mosquito & Tick Spray is a proven and effective protection against mosquitoes and gnats and reduces the risk of tick bites. US622 seems repulsive.

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