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The soles from Bandi are sprung from the joy of craftsmen and Örebro's well-known shoe era. Since its founding in 1938, Bandi's products have been synonymous with sustainable quality and the company can today be said to be a seal of quality important to you as a retailer as well as a security for your customers.


Earbags are the perfect hat for the ear, without ruining the hairstyle you get it warm around the ears and get a cool look on the purchase. Earbags also fit perfectly with a helmet on the head.


 SKiSlippers are perhaps most synonymous with their lovely and cool slippers that look like boots. Skislippers offers a wide range for all skiers who want wonderfully warm slippers both before and after skiing.


Heat Company was founded in 1994 in the Alps by nightlife people. The ambition was to create conditions for being able to use nature regardless of the weather for a whole day. The product would be easy to use and easy to carry, it became a self-activating hand warmer that lasts a whole day. 


Known lip sera from PL3 with the "red" ring for delicate lips. 


Casco has a wide range of products for attaching, joining and gluing. The extensive range of quality products is the main reason why Casco has reached a market-leading position in the Nordic countries.


Dermatone was created in 1981 with a goal - to offer athletes and outdoor enthusiasts the highest possible UV protection for the skin.  More than 30 years later, we have not lost our focus. We realize that the elements of nature are irreconcilable and often unpredictable, and that quality skin protection can sometimes be the difference between success and failure, or even life and death. 

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Perhaps the market's most classic spikes.

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