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Austrian Blizzard has been around for a long time and has seen a lot. For a while, it seemed like it was impossible to win. In recent years, they have invested heavily in their freestyle line and won countless ski tests. 


Tecnica started making ski boots in the 1970s when skiing really took off in Italy. The boot, Tecnus, was constructed with a technology consisting of several different types of plastic and created a real revolution in the industry. Tecnica is also world famous for its moonboots, inspired by the shoes of the Apollo astronauts.


 Today, Dynafit is a leader in categories such as ski touring, trail running and offers a wide range of products developed by dedicated athletes who test materials and construction and design together with Dynafit's athletes. 


Why does a helmet have to be heavy to be considered safe? And why so hot? And as good-looking as your grandmother's sofa? In 1985, Jim Gentes sat in his garage in California and asked these questions because that's exactly what helmets looked like. Today, Giro works in the categories of bicycle, clothing, shoes and alpine equipment.


POMOCA has been widely recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of risers for over 75 years. High-quality products and our technological innovations make them a progressive Swiss brand.


For more than 30 years, ARVA has excelled with first-class snow safety equipment. The leading manufacturer of avalanche transceivers for the amateur enthusiast. Today, the brand offers a full range of transcievers, shovels, probes, backpacks, back protectors and accessories. 


High-quality, sophisticated, durable products with sensible functions. The idea to establish EVOC was born when more and more people started asking where we got our equipment from. Evoc is today one of the leaders in the bicycle and ski industry in functional backpacks and suitcases.


G3 Original Guide Gear is based in northern Vancouver, Canada, and is an independent owner and operator of industry-leading gear for backcountry skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Since the first avalanche probe was made in 1995 specifically for guides to count on and trust, G3 has continued to be committed to our roots, designing and producing innovative, durable and reliable equipment that professionals and mountain enthusiasts can trust.


Lenz products have been the answer to the toughest demands from the sports world, work and leisure since 1987. "Leading by innovation" for us means REFINING standards. Our vision to actively support people to achieve their goals with the help of Lenz products is the driving force for our new development. This endeavor led us to the development of patented technologies such as: SEP®, Merino softtec® and the leading technology for heated textiles.


STAR embankment manufacturer is a genuine Italian family business whose ideas about embankments and herding during the past 30 years have constantly been appreciated and recognized around the ski world.


Like most great inventions, the discovery of Formthotics ™ was very simple. Dr. Baycroft knew that by creating the closest possible contact between the patient's foot, orthotic and shoe, the foot would receive the natural support it needs, similar to the support provided by the soft sand. 

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