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High-quality, sophisticated, durable products with sensible functions. The idea to establish EVOC was born when more and more people started asking where we got our equipment from. Evoc is today one of the leaders in the bicycle and ski industry in functional backpacks and suitcases.


Why does a helmet have to be heavy to be considered safe? And why so hot? And as good-looking as your grandmother's sofa? In 1985, Jim Gentes sat in his garage in California and asked these questions because that's exactly what helmets looked like. Today, Giro works in the categories of bicycle, clothing, shoes and alpine equipment.

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BELL began manufacturing as early as 1954 in California. Today, however, it is one of the leaders in the development of protective equipment in the bicycle, motorsport, motorcycle and motocross industries. Jo Sport for the bicycle part in Sweden

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Weldtite, Världens bredaste och mest innovativa sortiment av cykel-underhållsprodukter. Oavsett om du är nybörjare eller proffs, landsvägs- eller mountainbikecyklist, eller om du jobbar i verkstad kommer du hitta de produkter du söker i Weldtites sortiment.


In 1975, Jim Blackburn looked at the new cycling culture and knew he could make a difference. To think from the user's perspective, show respect for materials and functionality and add innovation and innovation. Over the years, Blackburn has used these principles to build tools that can withstand a lot and add extra value to the user.

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Cateye is the market-leading brand in the world when it comes to lighting, cycling computers and reflectors for cyclists. The Cateye brand was founded in Osaka, Japan as early as 1954 and has since been the leading brand in innovation and technology.

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